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Development, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and recycling of energy storage battery materials for energy storage power stations, utilizing wind solar energy storage multi energy collaborative control technology to achieve smooth and stable generation of new energy

  • Cabinet Series
    Main models:ESS-B-JG-L、ESS-C-JG-L、ESS-B-JG-F、ESS-C-JG-F
    Scalable:Small in size, can be placed in indoor and outdoor scenes
    Scenario:Flexible configuration and support for expansion
    Integrated and efficient:Intelligent integrated, fast installation and convenient transportation
  • 20 Feet Cabinet Series
    Main models: ESS-B-20-L, ESS-C-20-L, ESS-B-20-F, ESS-C-20-F
    Integrated and efficient: Standard container design, easy to install and maintain, reducing transportation and installation costs
    Intelligent temperature control: Intelligent temperature control effectively improves battery life and safety
    Good adaptability: can adapt to high altitude, high temperature, high cold and other environments
  • 40 Feet Cabinet Series
    Main models: ESS-B-40/40B-L, ESS-C-40/40B-L, ESS-B-40/40B-F, ESS-C-40/40B-F
    High safety level: Multi level monitoring of batteries, fire classification linkage, effectively improving safety
    Intelligent management: Real time monitoring of system status to ensure system stability
    Good adaptability: can adapt to high altitude, high temperature, high cold and other environments
  • Home Energy Storage Series
    Allsparkpower home storage all-in-one device is an integrated device that includes an MPPT charging controller, lithium battery, BMS, inverter, battery management, energy management, and energy efficiency management system. It easily stores solar energy, is easy to install, plug and play, and greatly reduces dependence on the power grid. Supports charging modes such as photovoltaic, power grid, and wind power. When the power grid is interrupted, it can automatically and quickly switch, provide backup power, and ensure that there is no power outage for 24 hours, providing intelligent, clean, and safe energy for your life.
  • Stacked Home Energy Storage Series
    Easy to match
    The battery capacity can be freely selected, and new and old batteries can be mixed for use.
    High safety performance, allowing you to rest assured
    Multiple security protection designs, carefully taking care of your safety
    Longer cycle life
    Intelligent management of each group of batteries, improving battery performance and extending battery life
    Short switching time
    Flexible switching, not afraid of power outages, ensuring household electricity consumption
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