MES system application architecture, PACK automation production line, energy storage system final assembly production line

Full process management based on MES system application architecture
Transparent workshop operation, based on solid MES core functions, integrating multiple intelligent perception management systems to enhance lean production management level
  • System basic environment construction

    System high availability

    Information system integration

    Data archiving strategy

  • Production progress monitoring

    Production anomaly monitoring

  • Enterprise Management Operations Center

    Full traceability information

    Quality monitoring dashboard

    Production monitoring dashboard

    Plan execution follow-up dashboard

  • Production execution process control

    Work in progress management

    Production Execution Analysis

    Production quality analysis

    Packaging management

  • Basic equipment information

    Equipment operation status

    Equipment maintenance and upkeep

  • Production online quality monitoring

    Production quality monitoring

    Compliance management

PACK automated production line
PACK key process automation rate is 100%, UPH 11PCS; We have an engineering team with independent design, processing, and debugging capabilities.

Key Processes

  • Material
  • Sorting
  • Module
  • Weld
  • PACK
  • Age
  • Package

Key Capabilities

Cell loading detection

Cell loading detection

Robot feeding;

100% OCV test voltage / internal resistance / thickness / blue film packaging;

130-150KHZ high-frequency laser cleaning;

Cell robot stacking

Cell robot stacking

Robot duplex fully automatic stacking;

Stacking accuracy range 0.2mm;

Pressure control range 300KG ± 5;

Module polarity & CCS addressing

Module polarity & CCS addressing

12 million high-definition CCD parameter cameras;

Positioning accuracy ± 0.1mm;

The missed judgment rate is 0;

Module laser welding

Module laser welding

Robot welding;

Advanced circular spot welding technology in the industry;

Welding DOE;

SPC control for melting depth and melting width;

Weld bead CCD detection

Weld bead CCD detection

12 million high-definition CCD cameras;

Detection accuracy ± 0.1mm;

The missed judgment rate is 0;

Intelligent PACK workstation

Intelligent PACK workstation

Upload digital batch data to the MES system;

Secondary re inspection of torque batch;

EOL testing

EOL testing

Single cell voltage test;

Overall voltage testing;

Safety testing;

Temperature difference control;

Aging test

Aging test

100% aging;

0.0005A testing accuracy;

DCIR integration testing;

Energy storage system assembly line
  • Incoming Inspection

    Incoming Inspection

    100% inspection of integrated box body;

    IPX5 level automatic sprinkler equipment ensures reliable water leakage testing of the box body;

    Film thickness/color difference inspection to ensure consistency of cabinet appearance;

  • Integrated assembly

    Integrated assembly

    Dedicated high-efficiency battery pack shelving and stacking vehicle;

    Key process: Rexroth Nexo wireless Wi Fi tightening;

  • Integrated debugging

    Integrated debugging

    Configure an integrated debugging platform;

    Power grid simulator;

    Maximum current 710A

    Distribution capacity 426KVA;

    100% debugging of power/communication/liquid cooling/fire protection systems;

  • Hoisting shipment

    Hoisting shipment

    63T driving covers the entire area;

    3T/5T electric forklifts can flexibly cooperate with daily operations;

    Special lifting equipment for lifting and loading onto vehicles, safe and efficient;

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