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About Ancheng

Ancheng New Energy is a subsidiary of listed company Mannster (stock code 301325). The company is a technology-based enterprise focused on the research and application of energy storage technology, committed to providing global users with ultimate safe, efficient, and intelligent energy storage product system solutions.

The company's holding platform is located in Hunan, with its headquarters and research and development base in Shenzhen, production base in Dongguan, domestic marketing center in Beijing, and overseas marketing center in Changsha.

The company has conducted industrial layout in multiple key energy provinces and cities across the country, forming a multi-level product structure with centralized and industrial energy storage as the core business and user side energy storage products as auxiliary business. Currently, the products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions worldwide.

Corporate Culture
AnCheng Mission

Cooling The Earth By 1℃

Strategic Positioning

Technology leading energy storage product manufacturer

A leading energy storage solution provider in terms of cost-effectiveness

Energy storage industry operator leading by quality and efficiency


Rooting downwards and growing upwards

Deeply cultivating the lithium battery equipment industry, continuously accumulating and settling from technology research and development, product design, process optimization to supply chain improvement.


The company has a research and development team consisting of dozens of doctoral and master's students. Based on fully self-developed technology and process improvement solutions, the company has achieved comprehensive customized production of battery cells. In Dongguan alone, it has two fully automated battery PACK factories and energy storage integration factories.

The production center management team is all from internally trained and well-known listed companies in the industry. Through advanced software systems and data platforms, efficient production management, quality management, and supply chain management have been achieved, achieving independent and controllable energy storage throughout the entire industry chain.

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