ZEEKR launches outdoor power supply and lays out the energy storage market

ZEEKR was founded in March 2021 and is a pure electric vehicle brand under Geely Holding Group. From the brand launch to the official delivery of its first luxury hunting coupe ZEEKR 001, it only took 192 days. Within 110 days of self delivery, the delivery volume exceeded 10000 units, and the cumulative sales for the whole year of 2022 exceeded 70000 units.

In less than a year, Jike has stood out from many domestic new energy vehicle brands with "Jike speed". This time, Jike is the first to launch the outdoor power supply category, which means that Jike will lead new energy vehicle companies to officially enter the portable energy storage market.


The extreme Krypton outdoor power supply belongs to the "ZEEKR Elife" ecological product. The name printed on the official promotional image is "Extreme Krypton Mobile Power Supply". The body adopts an integrated frame design, with two orange handles integrated into the shell. A tilted upward grille shaped air outlet can be seen at the handle, which looks like the air conditioning air outlet of a car. It is equipped with an active cooling fan to ensure operating temperature, and there are two wireless charging areas on the top.

On the side of the outdoor power supply is a USB fast charging module, equipped with four USB-C and four USB-A, totaling eight USB interfaces. Two USB-C support 100W PD fast charging, and the two USB-A use orange female sockets, which are believed to have fast charging capabilities. Such a high specification and large quantity of USB modules are rare in the outdoor power supply industry. On top of the USB module is a huge LCD digital display screen, providing information such as remaining battery percentage, graphic power bar, device power consumption, and available time.

Let's take a look at the other side, the DC output part, which has a 12V cigarette lighter interface and two DC5521 DC output ports. The AC power output part consists of two new national standard 2+3 combination sockets, with built-in child safety doors to prevent electric shock. The input self charging module adopts a cover plate protection, with three logos printed on the cover plate. The logo on the far left is not clear, indicating that it is a DC charging interface or an overload protection recovery button; In the middle is an XT high current plug that supports high-power DC charging such as solar panels; On the right is a pin shaped plug, which shows that it adopts bidirectional inverter technology and can be directly charged with high power on a 220V mains socket without the need for a power adapter (charger). The self charging speed far exceeds the traditional solution of using a power adapter.

There is a high overlap between new energy vehicle users and outdoor power consumption groups, with a large proportion of young new energy vehicle users. Going out to play and camp with family members has become the preferred holiday activity for new energy vehicle owners. New energy vehicle companies can easily promote outdoor power products to their target users. New energy vehicles themselves can rely on the vehicle's "reverse discharge" function, using the vehicle's battery pack to provide 220V AC power to electrical equipment. However, due to the limited driving range of the vehicle, the activity range is generally limited to parking lots, flat grasslands in the countryside, and it is difficult to embrace nature more deeply. And outdoor power supply precisely fills this gap, allowing electricity to be carried with you, easily entering the suburbs, mountaintops, and lakesides, and also providing emergency power support for households indoors.

Meanwhile, with the launch of the Extreme Krypton Mobile Power Supply 1200, it will also be an important step in the layout of the energy storage ecosystem for Extreme Krypton; Extreme Krypton peripheral products have been applied in more travel scenarios, providing users with opportunities to experience brand services and product performance, further improving the ecological loop of Extreme Krypton users, and looking forward to creating a more ultimate travel service experience.

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