Collaboration and Co construction | The 15th High Tech Lithium Battery Industry Summit

On June 14-17, the 15th High Tech Lithium Battery Industry Summit, themed "Collaborating Upstream and Downstream to Build a New Ecology," was held at the Maoshan International Conference Center in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. More than 800 government officials, industry experts, and senior executives gathered to discuss core issues such as the "shape" and "trend" of the power battery industry in 2022, the new challenges of the industry chain after market leaps, the application of new materials in the new round of battery innovation, and the response of material enterprises in large-scale manufacturing.


"At present, power battery manufacturers' requirements for product manufacturing have reached a height of minimalism, extreme, and flexible manufacturing. The ultimate stability, modularity, and flexible adaptability of process innovation are the goals of equipment manufacturing companies and the core competitiveness of our segmented markets." Representatives attending the meeting expressed.

At present, the demand for new energy vehicles in the market is growing exponentially. In the process of entering the leap stage of power batteries, facing the core constraints of material and equipment supply chain price fluctuations, production capacity supply, and stable delivery, how lithium battery enterprises can build a strong supply chain competition moat will play a decisive role in welcoming the new cycle and strategic implementation.

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