The energy storage battery race has sparked a dense "production expansion wave"

Summary: In the face of ten years or even longer, energy storage can be called a high growth track with long slopes and thick snow. According to the GGII, the global shipment volume of energy storage batteries is expected to approach 500GWh by 2025. By 2030, the shipment volume of energy storage batteries is expected to reach 2300GWh, with a market size exceeding 3 trillion yuan.

Such a vast energy storage market space not only attracts old brands such as CATL, Penghui Energy, Zhongchuangxin Aviation, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Guoxuan High tech, Xinwangda, Desai Battery, etc. to compete in the energy storage battery track, but also accelerates the pace of energy storage focused battery "new stars" such as Haichen Energy Storage and Chuneng New Energy.

Many system integrators and downstream related enterprises have also started to expand their production capacity and increase the layout of energy storage batteries to meet the increasing energy storage demand in the market, such as Tianhe Energy Storage, Zhongtian Technology, Baofeng Group, etc; Cross border enterprises such as Southern Black Sesame and Longjing Environmental Protection have also joined the expansion trend of energy storage batteries, making energy storage batteries a hot topic for industry expansion.


1、 Intensive expansion tide

On the evening of October 10th, Ningde Times released the "2022 First Three Quarters Performance Forecast", which predicts that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first three quarters of 2022 will be between 16.5 billion yuan and 18 billion yuan, leaping to the top of global energy storage battery shipments. The energy storage business contributed over 12.7 billion yuan in operating revenue in the first half of this year. Ningde Times has also reached strategic cooperation with important enterprises in the field of energy storage batteries, such as National Energy Group, State Power Investment, China Huadian, Three Gorges Group, China Energy Engineering Corporation, and Sungrow Power, to continue consolidating its leading position. Industry insiders say that the enthusiasm of the first tier battery companies in the energy storage field has already had a certain positive driving effect on the entire industry.

With the leadership of the first tier enterprises, the second tier battery enterprises are riding the horse and vigorously expanding production to catch up, hoping to build energy storage into a new growth pole for the company. The expansion pace of Yiwei Lithium Energy is particularly remarkable. According to incomplete statistics, from 2021 to 2022, Yiwei Lithium Energy has disclosed at least five large-scale investment or construction projects for power energy storage batteries, with a total investment amount of no less than 66.521 billion yuan and a production capacity of no less than 262.61 GWh.

In addition, China Innovation Aviation settled in Chengdu in May last year with a total investment of 28 billion yuan for its power battery and energy storage battery project; Xinwangda plans to invest 21.3 billion yuan in a 50GWh power battery and energy storage battery production capacity project; Funeng Technology has planned a 24GWh lithium iron phosphate battery project for use in the energy storage field; Guoxuan High Tech, Zhuhai Guanyu, Desai Battery, and others have also launched capacity planning for energy storage batteries.

Some new battery companies are also focusing on the energy storage track, such as Haichen Energy Storage, Ruipu Lanjun, Lishen Battery, Haiji New Energy, Chuneng New Energy, etc., and are taking big steps to expand production to meet the increasing demand in the energy storage track.

As a representative of emerging battery companies, Haichen Energy Storage specializes in the energy storage track and researches the core of energy storage batteries. In June of this year, Haichen Energy Storage announced an investment of 13 billion yuan in Chongqing to build a new generation of 50GWh energy storage lithium battery production base. According to the development plan data of Haichen Energy Storage, by 2025, it will achieve a full production capacity of 135GWh, from industry focus, industrial technology, product layout to industrial chain ecology, to promote the industrialization and scale development of energy storage. And new battery manufacturers such as Ruipu Lanjun, Lishen Battery, Haiji New Energy, and Chuneng New Energy are also vigorously increasing their investment in energy storage batteries.

In addition to professional players in the field of batteries who are investing more in energy storage, some downstream or related enterprises are also accelerating their production expansion in the field of energy storage batteries. Baofeng Group plans to invest 96.4 billion yuan to build an annual production of 200GWh of battery cells and energy storage systems in the Suyin Industrial Park. Currently, it is preparing to start construction on a 100GWh energy storage full industry chain project.

It is worth noting that companies from other industries are also attracted to the high prosperity energy storage battery track. On October 10th, Southern Black Sesame Group Co., Ltd. announced a capital increase in Tianchen New Energy. After the capital increase is completed, Southern Black Sesame holds a 59.09% equity stake in Tianchen New Energy. After this capital increase, Tianchen New Energy plans to simultaneously invest in Nanjing and Jiangsu

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